Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I Might Not Watch The LOST Finale...

I've been an avid viewer of LOST since it first aired six seasons ago. I've never missed an episode and I consider each new airing to be "appointment viewing". As the series draws to a close, however, I can't help but think about how the writers have confessed that they've never had a plan for an ending the show. And, because of that, I'm almost certain that the writers, as they scramble to tie up loose ends and terminate dangling plot-lines, have not come up with a plan to end this show properly. In short: This can't end well.

I guess I've been expecting some sort of Twilight Zone ending where everything is summed up and explained by some mind-blowing circumstance. Really, though, I fear that the ending will be much more like telling your girlfriend that you've gotten her something spectacular for her birthday, but you really hadn't gotten her anything yet. Then, at the last minute, you end up getting her a gift card from Best Buy. Instead of happiness and satisfaction, you've only given her confusion and bitterness.

The show used to be incredible, but, over the past two seasons it has not only jumped the shark, but it has gone completely off the rails. In general, the story-telling has gone from "show" to "tell". The writing that remains is slipshod. They're off the island. They're back on the island. Hydra island. Regular island. Hydra again. Regular island again. Richard has flipped his gourd for some reason, Sawyer has become a wuss, Jack has done a complete 180 and new characters are still being introduced. At least Kate is still as annoying and useless as ever.

I guess I could take a leap of faith, sit back and watch the finale and hope for the best. The writers have, after all, gotten me this far. Maybe the finale will be like that tie my grandmother bought me for Christmas the year before she died. It's not stylish and it doesn't go with anything I've got, so I can't really wear it anywhere. Still, I love that old tie.

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