Friday, February 5, 2010

Samuel Adams Makes With The Swag!

Two weeks ago, while trying to decide on topics to talk about in my January Video Blog, I had the opportunity to try Samuel Adams Noble Pils beer which was just recently brought to market. I didn't think I'd like it as I'm not a fan of pilsners, but, I found that the fine folks over at the Boston Brewing Company actually put together a pilnser that I didn't have to be drunk to enjoy. That's when I hit upon the idea of having a "beer of the month" segment in the video blog, and, of course, I made Samuel Adams Noble Pils the first beer to be awarded that honor.

As a goof, I decided to e-mail the founder of Boston Brewing Company, Jim Koch. Here's what I sent him:

I just wanted to mention to you that I'm quite the fan of both Coastal Wheat and Noble Pils beers. In fact, I have named Noble Pils my "Beer Of The Month" on my blog (known as The Virtual Sink). It's a great beer, maybe a bit light for a winter season lager, but still a very good brew. Check out my video blog. You guys are mentioned towards the end. And, at the very end is some crazy fat guy dancing. Really, it's worth a viewing.

Anyway, thanks again for brewing some excellent beer. If you'd like to drop some literature in my snail mail box, please do so. I also like free stuff like hats and shirts (I'm an L or an XL). Or, if ya got a spare bottle of Utopias around that nobody is wanting to drink....

I'm over 21 and I drink responsibly.

I hardly expected a response. It has been my experience that CEOs don't read their e-mail. That's what their secretaries are for. I couldn't believe it when, just two hours later, I heard back from Jim Koch, who wrote:

Thanks for the kind words. And I did enjoy watching the fat guy dance! Cheers, Jim
That alone is very cool. Even better, though, was coming home from work today and finding a package on my doorstep waiting for me from the fine folks over at the Boston Beer Company. Included inside was a hat and a shirt. No beer, but still very classy and unexpectedly cool. 

Anyway, my most heartfelt thanks goes out to Jim Koch and the folks over at the Boston Beer Company for making my week by taking a little time out to send a little love to one of their biggest fans. Cheers, guys.

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