Saturday, February 13, 2010

Murder Or A Heart Attack?

Jason sent this one in to me this morning. He's fighting a losing battle with the mice in his garage. This one seemed to be fast enough to snatch the bait from the trap yet it turns out that the snapping of the trap scared him to death.


  1. This really makes me laugh. I had a mouse keep me up the other night. One beautiful thing about living in the country! It kept playing with a paper in my room. I tried to get him in the dark to no avail. I set a trap the next day and got him before bedtime. He was small. At first I was like, "Aww, he's cute, even though his head is smashed." Then my next thought was "Crap, if he's small there is likely a nest close!"

  2. that's morbidly funny! lol the stuff you write about sometimes.. LOL

  3. Dunno how many are attacking Jason's garage. He's fighting the good fight, and seems to be faring better than he did against the lady-beetle infestation.

    I'm all about gallows humor, Cher. Gets me into trouble sometimes.