Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walking On Broken Glass

My ass is apparently much more powerful than I give it credit for. While bringing in some groceries earlier tonight, I attempted to hold open the screen door in order to let the dogs out while I brought everything in. The screen door swung back just as it has has always done before. This time, however, when the glass bumped my ass it shattered with a thunderous crash.

I should digress here and mention that the mere sound of breaking glass wigs me out. It puts me in a state that is not unlike that of a deer caught up in the high beams of an approaching car. There have been far too many times when I have been involved in some sort of glass breaking incident that ended with me in the emergency room having some part of my hands stitched up. Whenever glass breaks around me, I am keenly aware not only of the sound of the initial breaking, but also the subtle plinking sound of the broken shards as they hit the ground. 

I stood there for a moment, mentally assessing the situation. First off, I determined that the breaking glass did not cause any bodily damage to me, which relieved me because I dreaded the prospect of having to explain to some nurse how my gluteal area had become cut up. Thankful that my jeans had given me sufficient protection, I set the groceries down, motioned for the dogs to stay inside, and went on about the business of cleaning the porch up.

Here's where the lesson comes in. I had been so paranoid about getting the glass cleaned up, I didn't think to protect my hands. All it would have taken was a quick trip to the tool box to retrieve my work gloves. But, no, instead, I just started tossing the glass into a paper bag and ended up with a number of cuts on my fingers. Thankfully, none of them were deep enough to require stitches. Gauze and duct tape were sufficient to get them closed. Still, they are a stinging reminder to me that I need to properly think out these sorts of situations in order to minimize collateral damage.


  1. who ever would have though that that TMA (TommyMacAss) was a WMD!!!

  2. Have you ever eaten chili with TommyMac? Trust me, his ass is a WMD that needs to be covered by the UN Chemical Weapons ban.