Saturday, January 23, 2010

Some Thoughts On Haiti

The Hope For Haiti Telethon aired last night on all the major networks and several other channels. I remember when I was a kid and when something like this happened, or when the President was on, my evening was shot. "Oh God! The President is on! He's on every freaking channel! I can't even watch 'Good Times'!". Thankfully, hundreds of other entertainment options are available, so anyone who doesn't want to watch George Clooney and Bono fellate each other can easily find something else to rot their brains.

In what strikes me as a very devious move, the World Bank has decided to postpone $54 million of Haiti's debt yet are also loaning them another $100 million. The World Bank is essentially acting like the international equivalent of a payday loan outfit. Why not just forgive the debt? There's no way Haiti will ever be able to repay it.

A local church group, aware of my fluency in French and my telecommunications experience inquired if I'd like to go to Haiti for a bit to help them rebuild their infrastructure. No way. I'll donate money, I'd even be willing to do a little volunteer work stateside to help out, but there's no way I could ever go. I have a child and a career to worry about. And, I don't want to get shot.


  1. Please do your homework. The World Bank has supported Haiti through GRANTS since 2005. The $100 million announced after the earthquale was also a GRANT.

  2. Homework done. Indeed, the $100 Million is a grant. It's the IMF who is putting out the $100 Million in the form of a loan. Although it's low-interest when compared to their usual shady rates, Haiti still doesn't have a prayer of paying it back. Any financial aid to Haiti needs to be in the form of a grant, not a loan.

  3. why are naysayers on blogs always anonymous?? lol