Monday, January 18, 2010

The Barbie Folks Must Be Out Of Ideas

I took the kiddo shopping yesterday and she insisted we make the requisite stroll through the toy aisle. I usually take this time to zone out and think about various electronics I'd rather be purchasing. Yesterday, however, a particular Barbie doll caught my attention. It was the Barbie "Potty Training Pups" set.

My mind is boggled. I can only imagine the conversation unfolding in the research and development lab.

"Well, Barbie has experienced every career from Flight Attendant to President of the United States. What's left?"

"Computer network engineer or poop scooper"

"That's practically the same job!"

"Let's go with poop scooper. The dogs are cuter and easier to pick up after."

A number of the marketing people no doubt threw themselves out the window upon seeing the prototype. How can you make picking up dog poop seem fun? To their credit, they were able to churn out a pretty impressive load of crap themselves:

Barbie is having a fun-filled day with her new puppies! After she feeds water to each of her 3 puppies, they go potty to reveal a surprise on the newspaper - it changes color to yellow and brown! Each of the puppies goes potty in a different way: the boy dog potties when you lift his leg and the girl dog squats to potty when you press her back. The third puppy just needs a squeeze on the tummy to go potty and reveal a surprise. And when Barbie feeds the puppies, they're ready to go again! Includes 3 puppies, Barbie doll, 2 pieces of color-change newspaper, dog bed, assorted collars and toys for the pups.

Whoever thought that it would be fun to see little plastic pieces of paper turn brown or yellow has got to have their head examined. Seriously, nobody likes watching dogs poop and piss in real life, so why would kids want to deal with a toy version? The one good thing I can say about this particular Barbie is that the dress she is wearing in this set is actually very pretty and is rather modest looking. I approve. Oddly enough, she has paired the dress with a pair of dark pink sneakers, which is a diversion from her usual high heels.


  1. It's easier to clean dog poop off of sneakers than high heels? Although, if we're going for realism, put her in a jogging suit instead of a dress.

    Yeah, this is one Barbie my daughter won't be getting.

  2. k, 1st thing that strikes odd about Jen's link/product/idea is that it appears to me(and I could be wrong) that one must feed B's dog the same brown pellets, excuse me, poop-food that is then later shat out only to be re-fed back to the dog!?! Nice message, Mattel. Funny and a little sick but not biologically accurate, though some dogs have been ... See Moreknown to eat their own feces, it's not the norm. It should not be taught to our children as the proper way to feed a pet, and I'm soooo sure that little mix up went unnoticed by product developers. Ha ha yeah right! They don't care it's inaccurate because you're going to buy it anyways. Yikes.
    I must say that while I think they're stretching for ideas on this one(not unlike many other B's of the past), the concept promoted w/ this doll isn't all that bad when considering the epidemic of undiciplined parents choosing a half-assed approach to raising their offspring, not referring to anyone specific. Just stating that since the trend seems to be, even from my generation, that children are brought up by the television, so maybe, just maybe this sick Bdoll and her poo-eating pal have a place, flaws and all. Still, I can't believe my eyes sometimes. EPIC FAIL.

  3. who knows... Betsy Wetsy was a popular doll, let the dogs have their day!