Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Loot

When it comes to Christmas presents, I subscribe to the axiom that it is better to give than it is to receive. My outlook on this matter has little to do with any grand notions about spreading good cheer or making people happy. Getting presents just makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I didn't always feel this way. As a child, up until the age of about 12, I used to be the first up on Christmas morning and was notorious for tearing into my beautifully wrapped presents with a fervor akin to a hungry tiger ripping into an injured zebra. I'm leery of discussing my discomfort with people, because they overwhelmingly respond by telling me I'm nuts and that getting presents is one of the best parts of Christmas. Am I to become a social pariah because I'm weirded out by the idea of getting presents?

An old friend recently took me aside and put it simply to me: "People love you. They have good reason to love you. Some of them express it by giving you presents, so get over yourself and let them express it however they want to". I could have gone to therapy for six months over this and still not had the idea expressed so well or so succinctly.

Once again, this year, Santa Claus failed to deliver on my more outlandish requests. I'll deal with his sorry elfin ass post-New Year's. I did, however, get a lot of thoughtful, interesting, nice gifts from people. By far, the best gift came from my daughter. She bought it from the Santa shop at school. It's a combination lock.

"It's blue", she said. "You like blue".

Yes. Yes I do.

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  1. haha! i LOVE santa shop presents!! first time i asked why my son picked something, he said... "cuz you don't have one!".. and he was right! never asked again, just said thank you! :)