Monday, November 2, 2009

Walking Around Dressed Like Uncle Sam

My daughter and I went trick or treating together on Halloween. She was dressed as the Statue of Liberty, and, in an attempt to carry on a theme, I had rented an Uncle Sam outfit from the local costume shop, complete with white hair gel. Going door-to-door, I didn't think we'd get much of a reaction beyond how cute it was that father and daughter matched thematically. It turns out that Uncle Sam is quite the popular guy.

I resisted the urge to carry my own basket around in order to collect candy for myself. Been there. Done that. Barfed up the contents. Still, I was often asked if Uncle Sam wanted some candy. I either replied "No, Uncle Sam takes his share on April 15" or "This is the one night a year Uncle Sam won't take anything from you".

Later that evening, Jason met up with me for dinner at one of our local haunts. I was still in costume. I joked that I was ordering drinks and food as part of an economic stimulus plan. The bartender was trying to sell some shots and I indicated that it's the best way to stimulate both the libido and the economy.

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