Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Making A Withdrawl From My Bank Of Bad Habits

I haven't been feeling well these past couple of days. I'm a little burned out and a little under the weather, so I took a much needed day off to relax, rest up and revert back to my gelatinous state for a few hours.

Reaching some semblance of personal equilibrium usually requires that I act out in some form. Normally, I might achieve this by knocking back a six pack of my favorite beer and smoking a cigar. I'm not much for drinking alone or before 5pm, though, so I limited my activities to blasting loud music, playing video games and eating food that is incredibly bad for me.

Years ago, a friend of mine who had a particular affinity for German culture introduced me to something he referred to as "German breakfast". He insisted that we get some french bread, smother it with liverwurst, and top it with Havarti cheese. The bread and cheese sounded fine, but there was no way I was going to eat Liverwurst and I protested vociferously. My friend relented and said we'd get braunschweiger. Sounded fine to me. Braunschweiger is a type of sausage that you can spread like butter. Nowadays, I refer to it as "meat paste".

The so-called "German breakfast" turned out to be really good and I thanked my friend for suggesting it and for allowing me to forgo the liver sausage. There was no way I was going to eat liver. My friend smiled and said "The difference between braunschweiger and liverwurst is that braunschweiger has more liver in it". Even though the after thought was disgusting, I remained committed to the breakfast and I have it whenever I feel a little run down.

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