Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The TommyMac Is 'Bama Bound

Tomorrow morning, I will be embarking upon an 8 hour road-trip to Birmingham, Alabama. I'll be attending a conference for three days and am currently scheduled to be the last speaker on the last day of the conference. The prospect of me being able to pontificate to a captive audience is thrilling by itself. But, I'm also excited because I've never been to Alabama before and I'm hoping to make the most of the experience.

So far, I've got a small list of things I am going to try to do while I am there:

  • Hang out with my brother, John Mac, who lives fairly close
  • Interview some of the locals
  • Eat some real southern BBQ from a roadside BBQ pit
  • Eat some crawfish
  • See how long I can give a serious lecture without cracking a joke or flashing my sideways grin. 
Watch my Twitter feed for updates on the trip.

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