Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Road Trip!

It was a very interesting 8 hour car ride to Alabama. I have to send out my deepest sympathies to my traveling buddy, Dodge, for putting up with my incessant chatter during the whole ride. All told, it was a pretty good trip, aside from a few bad omens, including my lunch ringing up at $6.66 and our sudden realization that we booked ourselves at the wrong hotel.

For dinner, we staggered into a place call the Full Moon BBQ which claims to be "The Best Little Pork House In Alabama". I ate some BBQ that was so good, I could crap out a pig and still be happy.

Now, That There Is Some Awesome BBQ. 


  1. Wow! Do you get a 50% off your next bypass with their dinners? :)

  2. No, but they do guarantee that your bowel movements will be 50% more difficult