Monday, October 12, 2009

An Important Thing I Learned From The Conference

I was, of course, very happy to be invited to travel to Alabama in order to participate in the conference. Being primarily a web guy, many of the mathematical modeling concepts introduced by the other speakers were quite far above my head. After considering much of the subject matter used to expressed the modeling concepts, I have come to understand this simple truth: Math kills!

Much of the mathematical modeling centered around potential damage caused by theoretical chemical attacks. While pursuing these sort of modeling techniques are necessary in order to be prepared for an actual attack, I just found it incredibly sobering to see how much damage could actually be caused.

That's not to say that the entire conference was all gloom and doom. There was a promising demonstration on the treatment of cancerous cells. And, of course, my own presentation rocked the Internet Security section of the conference simply because I managed to get it finished within the time allotted. These math guys may be great with numbers, but they have no concept of time.

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