Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Attack Of The Ladybug Beetles

It's Fall, which means that Asian Lady Beetles, also known as Harmonia Axyridis, are flocking from their summer feeding grounds in search of shelter from the cold. They look a lot like traditional ladybugs, aka Coccinellidae, but are much more of a nuisance as they tend to swarm and congregate.

Jason called me earlier this week to tell me what he was being overrun with swarms of the lady beetles. Initially, I thought we were safe on this side of town. I lightheartedly chuckled at my good fortune. But, oh, what a fool I was. They invaded when I least expected it: while I was at work. I took a walk along the street early in the evening yesterday and was constantly running into the annoying little buggers. A large group of them decided to gather on my porch outside and some of them pushed their way into the house. Thankfully, my dogs find them to be rather tasty and seem to prefer them to their dog food.

I'm not going down without a fight. Cry "Havoc!!!" and let slip loose my dogs who like to eat bugs. Once more unto the breach. Meanwhile, the bug zapper is set on its maximum kill setting and is zapping away into the night.

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