Friday, September 11, 2009

The War Rages On...

I'm happy to report that the Mac brothers fought well last night in what is sure to be a long and perilous battle against sobriety. Here's are a few random observations I've made, plus a video of the aftermath of last night's battle.

  • There are a lot of French speakers in town today. I've had a number of conversations (en francais) with varying degrees of success. 
  • CJ Mac and I met a pair of ladies from Ireland last night. I'm pleased to hear that them say that, during stay in the U.S., people have been incredibly polite and nice to them. That makes me feel good about my fellow countrymen. Our new friends do report that they think the French are terribly rude and the English just plain suck.
  • I suspect that, after 3PM, the pool at the Luxor consists primarily of Bud Light and pee. 
  • I need to stop filming myself singing with street musicians. 
  • People watching is incredibly cool in Vegas. CJ Mac and I hung out and drank a few beers and chatted up random strangers. 

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