Sunday, September 20, 2009

The War In Perspective

Vacation. It's a time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. It's a time to not only get away from the rat race for a while, but also a time to reflect on what it is that keeps putting us through our paces in the first place. A very wise old man once said to me that, whenever he feels that the demands of the workplace begin to overwhelm him, he just takes his phone off the hook and relaxes with a cup of coffee. I have often tried to apply that line of thinking to my life in general. So, while we may have termed this little vacation, "The War On Sobriety", it might have been equally well termed as "TommyMac's Extended Coffee Break".

What was originally supposed to be a vacation involving all of the Mac siblings ended up involving only the youngest two. That may have been a good thing, because I got to know my younger brother all over again. Amidst all the partying and people watching and general mischief, I gained a very interesting perspective into CJ Mac. Seven years separate us. We have vastly different perspectives on our parents, differing childhood experiences, and different aspirations for our futures. For two guys with the same set of parents, there are some very stark contrasts between us. Yet, wherever we went, nearly everyone we met could tell that we were brothers. "It's in the eyes", I would often hear.

I would have to say that the best time I had was at Casa Fuente, smoking cigars and drinking mojitos with CJ Mac. We were having such a great time, that we decided to place a call to Johnny Mac. So, three of the Mac brothers, talking trash together, forgetting their cares for a while and letting it all go up in smoke. It doesn't get much better than that.

So, to CJ Mac, many thanks for accompanying me, being a good "soldier" and putting up with my overall bullshit. No matter what, you're always going to be my "kid" brother. And to the other Mac siblings, the three of you each owe me an "extended coffee break" of our own. 

TommyMac and CJ Mac smoking cigars at Casa Fuente

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