Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Recap Of Last Night

CJ Mac and I kicked the night off by hanging out at Casa Fuente. The poor waitress was so overworked that she must have mistaken us for another pair of handsome brothers, because she came by and brought us two beers without us having ordered them. No big deal, as we Mac brothers tend to believe that any beer is a good beer. We each bought a cigar and then had two of the best mojitos ever created. Casa Fuente is a fine place, and the staff was very friendly.

We popped around various casino bars and, en route to Carnival Court, I spied a Burger King. The sweet siren call of $1 double cheeseburgers was too much to ignore. I waited in line, giddy with anticipation. The woman next to me asked me why I was so happy and I explained the lack of Burger King back home. We made some small talk. She got her order and left. I watched her leave. She turned around, smiled and I waved goodbye. She walked back to me and asked "Are you here alone?". Damn. Another hooker. I thought I had been getting better at detecting them,

We ended up at Diablo's where, in attempting to order one of their $3 margaritas, I somehow got THREE $3 margaritas. And I drank each one. The problem with Diablo's is that you cannot leave the way you came in and it took us forever to find the damn exit. And not because of the margaritas. We ran into a group of other folks with the same problem. I feared that The cantina would become my tomb.

The war rages on and the Mac brothers are on the way out to stock up on provisions.

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