Sunday, September 13, 2009

It Was A Cold Battle...

The Mac brothers kicked off another battle in the War On Sobriety by taking a leisurely walk along the strip, beers in hands. We stopped along nearly every little convenience store whenever our frosty beverages were depleted. Outside the Imperial Palace, a number of whistle blowing waitresses were offering 2 for 1 beer bottles, which we took them up on. We were then ushered into the club, where the price was inexplicably higher. Screw it. We finished our beer, went out the back, bought two more 2 for 1 beers and got back in.

We eventually made our way into the Imperial Palace casino itself which was not nearly as much of a crap hole as I had been told. In the middle of the casino area, they have a bunch of celebrity look-a-like dealers who take turns doing lip synch shows. Not bad.

CJ Mac and I eventually hiked back to the Luxor and headed into the Mandalay Bay area where we visited the Minus 5 ice bar. The ice bar is pretty cool. Wait. Strike that, it's FREAKING FREEZING. Who would pay $30 to drink two mixed drinks in a room that's minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit. I don't care that they give you a parka and gloves to wear while you're in there. No way. NO WAY. Wait....there are pretty girls dressed as bikini clad eskimo babes outside? Do you take debit?

We met a cool group of people in there and the drinks were so incredibly strong, that I somehow agreed to pay way too much for a picture of me and our new friends.

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