Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Illinois Hikes Tax On Booze

As of today, it's going to be more expensive to buy alcohol in my home state of Illinois. Facing a tremendous budget deficit and a lack of ability for Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois State Legislature to reach an agreement on anything but their own pay raises, state lawmakers enacted the tax to help keep state coffers filled during these tough economic times. Here's how the new tax increase breaks breaks down:

  • Beer/Cider (0.5% - 7% alcohol) - $0.231 per gallon - about 2.6 cents more per six pack.
  • Wine - $1.39 per gallon - about 13 cents mor per bottle
  • Hard Liquor (less than 20% alcohol) - $1.39 per gallon
  • Hard Liquor (20% alcohol or more) - $8.55 per gallon - about 81 cents per fifth
Doesn't seem like much when you get right down to it, does it? But, in an already depressed economy, every penny counts, and for afficianados and winos alike, this is going to add up over time. Myself, I'm out. I've resorted to resurrecting my Uncle Max's recipe for bathtub gin and kitchen brewed beer. The large liquor cloud hovering over my house will be particularly evident on stressful weekends.

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