Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Might Start Using My Wii Again

I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means. There was a stint beginning about two years where I spent every free moment of my time playing World of Warcraft, but, aside from that, the gaming culture never held much appeal to me. Still, having a console in the house has been a tradition in my family ever since my father bought us a Pong console. So, when my daughter began to show an interest in playing games, I went with the Wii. I knew going in that the graphics are sub par compared to other consoles. What I was interested in was playability and a decent library of titles, which was something I knew I could depend of from Nintendo ever since I bought my first NES console.

I like being able to play the old NES and SNES titles on the Wii via Virtual Console and I'm even happier that there are a number of Wii games that both my daughter and I can play together. One of our favorite things to do is to play Rampage: Total Destruction. The old standby, however, has always been Mario Party 8.

The Wii has been sitting unused for about 6 months now. Summer came and we just got tired of it. I guess we got caught up with that MMORPG known as reality.

Recently, the blue bar of the old Wii shined to life like an idle Cylon rebooting itself. I knew what this meant. Someone sent some mail to my console. Perhaps an old gaming friend had written an angry missive about me not being available to play Mario Kart. No. It was a letter from the good folks at Nintendo telling me that the Internet Channel was now free for the Wii. Previously, you had to spend $5 to install it.

This is something that should have been included for free from the get go. Now, with the Wii, I can watch TV shows from Hulu and Youtube (sure the quality isn't great). Discovering this, I looked over at my daughter and invited her to play a few rounds of Mario Party.

Oh, and Super Mario Brother Wii comes out November 15.

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