Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Woman Brutally Attacks The Mona Lisa....With A Cup Of Tea

The Mona Lisa, aka La Gioconda, known in France as La Joconde was brutally attacked by a Russian woman last week according to officials from the Louvre, which is home to the famous portrait. Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece is protected by bulletproof glass almost two centimetres thick, and is also contained in a special sealed box to protect it from vibrations and humidity, so, the work was undamaged and viewing was only briefly interrupted. The woman who attacked the painting apparently bought a ceramic mug full of English breakfast tea at the museum cafe and was seen to throw it over the heads of other tourists. The mug then bounced off of the paintings protective barrier and shattered on the ground. Officials have speculated that the woman was angry over being denied French citizenship. Others have speculated that she's just another nutbar in a long line of crazies who have attacked the painting, including:

  • The theft of the painting in 1911 by an Italian nationalist. It was returned in 1913.
  • Being doused with acid in 1956.
  • Having a rock thrown at it later that same year.
  • After the painting was encased in bullet-proof glass, a handicapped woman, upset by the museum's policy for the disabled, sprayed red paint at the painting while it was on display at the Tokyo National Museum in 1974.

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