Wednesday, August 12, 2009

That Education Connection Commercial

I have been watching Adult Swim way too much these days. They play this Education Connection commercial ad infinitum and it has started to stick into my brain much more than the phrase "Head On: Apply Directly To The Forehead" ever had. There's just something about the dull tones, monotone beats and droning cadence that captures my thought processes whenever it's on. It's just so strangely hypnotic. It's like watching the replay of a Nascar crash over and over again. I can't look away.

Watch if you dare. The Virtual Sink will not be held liable if you develop the urge to throw your television out the window upon hearing this song.


  1. Over all I don't mind the commercial, its ok over all. I just wish I could find out who the actress is. If anyone has any information about her please email me at

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