Monday, August 17, 2009

Drunk Guy Camps Out In The Middle Of My Street

Fresh off of my triumphant return as DJ TommyMac, I drove onto my street to find what looked like a heap of garbage lying in the middle of the road just past my house. Upon letting the dogs out to do their thing on my lawn, they headed straight for the heap in the middle of the road. The thought of my dogs trying to gobble down the contents of a trash pile alarmed me, so I yelled at them to turn back, which they did. Surprisingly, though, the trash heap seemed to move in reaction to my voice. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the trash heap was actually a person.

Putting the dogs back into the house, I cautiously approached the person who had the misfortune of collapsing in the middle of my street. I thought about how lucky he was that a car hadn't run over him due to the nonexistent lighting on the street. I got close enough to see that the person was a college-aged guy but didn't dare approach any closer. How could I get him out of the street? Kick him? Throw water on him? Tell him that there's another house party two blocks over?

I rang the city's non-emergency police line and reported the incident. Within seconds, a squad car turn onto my block. Minutes later, three more showed up. They tried to rouse the guy but didn't get him to respond with much more than a few groans. The officers summoned an ambulance. As they loaded him in, one officer came over, thanked me for my time and assured me that Rummy would be alright.

The whole incident had me thinking about a few things.
  • Somehow, I resisted my powerful urge to take pictures and video of the incident
  • The police were very professional and helpful and nobody was tazed in the incident
  • When I was a college student, even though I drank heroic amounts of booze in single sittings, I always managed to keep from passing out in the street.

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