Monday, July 20, 2009

Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone

I feel like it's 1993 again. Back in those days, I was working three nights a week plus every-other-Saturday night in a university computer lab. One particularly slow and irritatingly sober Saturday night, I was mired in an empty lab. Somehow, while searching for yet another copy of Commander Keen, divine Providence led me to discover a little game called Wolfenstein 3D. It popularized the first-person shooter genre. Subsequent games like Doom and Duke Nukem built upon what Wolfenstein had already done and added their own unique style and content.

I found that I had emitted an embarrassingly girlish squeal of delight when I happened upon Wolfenstein 3D in the App store on my iPod touch. It wasn't long before I was downloading the app and preparing to kick Nazi butt back to the stone age. The controls take a little getting used to. You'll have to use both hands to move the shooter around and have him fire upon those Nazi bastards. You'll get used to it soon enough, because there are several levels of gameplay. In fact, it looks as each level has been faithfully restored from the original PC game.

If you buy one iPhone app this year, then make it this one.

I'm coming for YOU, Nazi dog!

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