Friday, June 26, 2009

Go Keyless.

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There's no doubt that keyless locks are changing the world. It's about time, too, as the concept of the key and lock has existed for at least 6,000 years. Just as the horse and cart evolved into the automobile, keyless locks have revolutionized point of entry security. Why bother fumbling around with a set of keys when all you want to do is get into your house? With keyless locks, you have the freedom to enter and leave your home without the need to carry around a bulky set of keys.

Keyless locks offer better security than the traditional key and lock system. Keys can be easily duplicated without the knowledge of the key owner. However, with keyless locks, they locks are opened by inputting a PIN number, which is much more secure and easier to keep secret. Some locks are even time sensitive and can automatically lock and unlock themselves on a schedule.

When you think of all the benefits of keyless locks, why wouldn't you look into it?

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  1. We went keyless for our house - but really just for the garage because that's how we enter the house. Our kids could never remember to have their keys on them so I had my hubby install a keypad for opening the garage. We haven't done it for any of the other doors - but I'm thinking that might be a mistake in the event of a power outage because even I do not carry keys for the house!