Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking At Web Hosting

I've often gone on about the miserable experience I had with GoDaddy as my web host. It won't be too long before I'm able to start re-considering my web hosting options. The problem with web hosting, however, is that there are so many options to consider and providers to choose from that it makes picking a web host a frustrating experience. There has to be an easier way to break down all of the information.

I was checking out the folks over at Web Hosting Geeks and found that they have a lot of very useful, easy to digest information. Not only do they write reviews, but they also break down the various web hosting options into easy-to-understand categories and put them on the right hand navigation bar for easy access. Want to cut to the chase and look at the absolute best hosts available? Web Hosting Geeks gives you easy access to the best providers in a number of categories. Do you want to look at web hosts that offer free incentives for using them such as free domain names or free Google ad words? Web Hosting Geeks has you covered with that as well.

Each host listing contains a number of reviews, space allocations, price considerations and traffic limits. The listings are presented in such a way that you can quickly move through all of the information and eliminate hosts that don't meet your various requirements.When I'm ready to move this site to a web hosting service, I'll be using Web Hosting Geeks to do my research.


  1. Congratulations on being blog of note!

  2. Yeah, Godaddy is horrible. They should be shut down. Seems like a bunch of teenagers trying to run a business in their spare time or something. Their turnaround time is horrible and they do crappy, low quality work. [END RANT] Wish I could have warned you before hand, I don't even know you but it could have at least saved you some time.

  3. could you please send a post to show how to get the picture of the sink or some other pic please need to know thx bazar

  4. My main issue with GoDaddy is that they are all about upselling. I got a decent hosting deal, but it almost wasn't worth all the upselling crap I had to go through.

    Bazar, not sure what you are asking for. Could you clarify?

  5. Hey I was wondering, have you ever used Vodien before? They are a singapore web hosting firm and seem to offer good rates. Anybody with a review on them?