Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Embarassed To Be A South Sider Now

When I was in junior high, one of my classmates was a huge White Sox fan. The poor kid cried like a beaten step-child when they traded Ron Kittle away. Wherever my old friend is now, he is most certainly dangling from the business end of a noose today. The White Sox were up against the Minnesota Twins, a team that lost their last six games. It was shaping up to be a crappy road trip for the Twins, when, somehow, some way, the Twins spanked the White Sox hard, 20-1, making it one of the worst losses in White Sox history.

Joe Mauer humiliated the Sox by hitting a grand slam, two doubles and driving in a career-high six runs. Michael Cuddyer, Joe Crede and Matt Tolbert also hit homers as part of a 20-hit Minnesota blitzkrieg that made the White Sox look like a marginal jr varsity high school ball team. The only thing that kept this embarrassment from becoming an example of ass-clownery was Carlos Quentin’s eighth-inning RBI single off Jose Mijares, The three White Sox fans remaining in the ballpark did the wave.


  1. you didnt mention though that the sox had beaten them like 13-6 in the 2 games before.

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  3. Wow. That's pretty impressive, 20-1... I though Minnesota teams just sucked.... >.< (I'm allowed to say that. I am a Minnesotan.) But too bad for the White Sox.

  4. Yeah, Jake Peavy didn't want to go there, either.