Friday, May 1, 2009

The Eggs Are Hatching!

On Wednesday afternoon, I noticed the robin standing on the side of its nest, appearing to be dropping food into it. Not wanting to get attacked by a territorial poop machine, I waited until the nest was unattended to swoop in for a quick picture. It's obvious that two of the eggs have hatched. Whether or not the third is a dud remains to be seen. Also, I am not so sure that both of the chicks are alive. That one with its head buried in its breast doesn't seem to be very active, though I may have caught it during nap time. From the closed eyes, it's obvious to tell that the chicks hatched only recently. Only 25% of hatchlings survive their first year.

I checked on the mourning dove egg and it remains unhatched. I have not seen the mourning dove in quite some time, so I wonder if it has been driven away.


  1. Pretty robin egg :) I hope things go well for your little chicks!

  2. Amazing! This is my first time to see a robin's egg and it's green! And a mourning dove?! I can't believe there's such a kind of dove.

    Thanks for sharing this with us.