Sunday, May 24, 2009

Computer Is Dead

Looks like my HP Pavillion desktop has died. I am not sure exactly what is wrong with it yet, other than the fact that It hangs on the bios screen at start up. For now, I am updating the blog via my iPod Touch.

Maybe if I just leave the computer alone for a while, it will spontaneously resurrect. Perhaps it is just on strike, protesting the harsh computational demands I have put upon it and deplorable working conditions in the sweatshop like atmosphere of my home office.

-- Post From My iPod Touch


  1. HP? yeah dont count on it starting up again. I had mine for about a year and a half and it started acting up a week after warranty was up. Sure enough a few months later it will not even charge! Motherboard is done, bought myself a new laptop... cheaper way out of it honestly.

  2. Hey Tannia,

    Had mine for around a year and a half too. I'm still feeling too lazy to check up on it at the moment and see what the problem might be.

  3. It sounds like you might need to "flash" your BIOS. Basically this means reinstalling your BIOS using a flash drive. If you look on your computer company's support website, you should find a downloadable bios. They may even have instructions there on how to flash your bios. And you need a flah drive that can boot your system. It sounds more complicated than it really is.