Thursday, April 23, 2009

Watching From The Rooftops

I am not normally one to watch sporting events on television. I tend to believe that a sport is something you DO rather than something you watch. I never understood the fanaticism that often accompanies one's interest in a particular team. Still, I do love being able to actually attend a live sporting event, especially a professional baseball game. There is something about the atmosphere - a warm, sunny day, the taste of a stadium hot dog, a cold beer and the roar of the crown when the home team hits one out - that makes the entire experience worth while and worth the price of admission. So, when my younger brother, Chris called earlier in the week and invited me to a game, I jumped at the chance.

However, this would be no ordinary stadium experience. Chris booked a block of seats through the Sheffield Baseball Club which operates a number of buildings just across the street from Wrigley Field. There were 10 of us attending today, which worked out to a cost of about $85 per person. The experience was well worth the money, though. They run a great operation which includes an open bar with GOOD beer (we're talking Fat Tire, Amstel Light etc rather than Old Style and Coors) and great food. The food and beer were included in the price of admission. As you can see from the picture I took, the rooftop offered an excellent view of the game. The seating simulated typical stadium seating but, unlike typical stadium seating, the seats were comfortable and offered plenty of leg room.

Even though the Cubs lost big to the Reds today we all still had an excellent time and we'd all like to thank the folks at the Sheffield Baseball Club for running a top notch operation. Myself, I don't think I can ever watch a Cubs game in a stadium again. The Wrigley rooftop experience is the only way to go.

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