Friday, April 17, 2009

Violating The Maximum Occupancy Rules

Something out of the ordinary is definitely going on with the nest on my air conditioner. I had mentioned previously that I had thought that a mourning dove was the bird building the nest, only to discover a robin sitting in the nest. Still, I have been catching glimpses of the mourning dove and hearing its distinct calls through the wall, which makes me wonder exactly what is going on. My first inclination is to say that there are actually two nests on the air conditioner, one for the robin, one for the mourning dove. The center, more well formed nest was obviously made by the robin. Mourning doves, however, don't need much material to make a home; they practically just throw three sticks down and call it a nest. So, it's not impossible that the excess material next to the robin's nest is serving as a mourning dove nest. That assumes that it isn't highly unusual for two sets of birds to nest so close together without some sort of bird turf war erupting.

The snide part of me wonders if something a bit more unseemly is going on. Perhaps I'm witnessing some sort of inter-species avian love affair. Perhaps the nest belongs to a female robin who occupies the center area to lay the eggs and a male mourning dove who keeps watch sitting comfortably on the side. Their inter-species love, forbidden by the conservative elders of the avian community (their interest in chicken on turkey porn is for research purposes only) got them cast out from the tree tops, forcing them to shack up on my air conditioner. Even though they know that they could never hope to sire some gross looking yet lovable robin/dove hybrid, they chose to live in defiance of Neornithian society. Or, maybe they are part an avant-garde governmental experiment to create some sort of genetic superbird, one that can easily carry H5N1 to an unsuspecting human populace.

Whatever the situation, they are officially over the maximum occupancy limits of that air conditioner, though there's really nothing I can do about it at this point.

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