Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Old School Adventure Games, Right In Your Browser

Back in my nerdier days, I was a huge fan of the adventure games created by Sierra On-Line such as Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, Space Quest, Quest For Glory, etc. The graphics were complete crap back then, but that didn't matter because the gameplay itself was so engaging. The puzzles were challenging, the characters were endearing and the humor was off the charts funny. The adventure game genre seems to have waned quite a bit over the years, eclipsed in the hearts of gamers by first person shooters and RPGs. Me, I'm still nostalgic for those games of yesteryear, which is why I had a major nerdgasm when I stumbled upon http://sarien.net which allows you to play those old Sierra games within your browser. You can even interact with other on-line players.

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