Friday, April 10, 2009

I Have A House Guest. (Sort Of)

My home office is meant to be a sanctuary. I intended it to be my Fortress of Solitiude, though, too often, it seems more like a Fortress of Disquietude, especially when the pets are milling about. Yesterday afternoon while settling down after work, my usually docile cat began to show a lot of interest in the wall air conditioning unit that covers up what was once the only window in my office. Normally, if its not obscured by my home made green screen, I keep a number of goofy knick knacks on the unit. At first, I figured that the cat had decided that my modest collection of hand carved Hawaiian tikis were too blasphemous to be displayed so prominently. Then, I heard a loud bird call and realzied what was happening.

A quick inspection of the outside revealed a freeloader. I found a mourning dove sitting atop the air conditioner. It wouldn't let me even get anywhere close to it before it flew off. I did, however, manage to get a picture of the beginnings of its nest. This particular shot was taken at about 6:30 pm last night, after three attempts to get close enough to the bird to take its picture. Since there wasn't much material there, I had wondered if perhaps the little freeloader was just hanging out there temporarily, not intending to make a more permanent stay. Maybe my air conditioner had become a mere rest stop for members of the zenaida macroura species.

It rained quite heavily last night. Surely, I figured, if indeed some bird was intending to take up residence on the air conditioner, the storm would have destroyed any progress that had been made. At about 7:15 this morning, after seeing the cat fussing about once again, I snuck outside with the camera. I didn't see a bird, but obviously, someone had been very busy this morning. This nest had been assembled faster than an Ikea book shelf and appeared much sturdier as well. I suppose it won't be long before I'll be hearing the munchkin sized peeps of hungry dove chicks. I've decided that they can live there rent free, so long as they don't mind me listening to The Wonder Stuff while I'm working.

The cat, however, may have other plans.

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  1. I sincerely hope the mommy bird doesn't get eaten by a hawk in front of the kiddo - who is then left asking you how *WE* are going to feed he baby birds until they can fly, and won't they freeze?

    Not that I speak from experience or anything.