Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Beatles Remastered Coming 09/09/09

Apple Corps LTD and EMI Music announced today that the entire Beatles catalog has been remastered for re-release on September 9, 2009, which coincides with the release of "The Beatles: Rock Band" video game. Each of the CDs will be packaged with replicated art from the original UK releases along with expanded booklets containing original and newly written liner notes and rare photos. For a limited period, each CD will also be embedded with a brief documentary film about the album. According to the official Beatles website, "The collection comprises all 12 Beatles albums in stereo, with track listings and artwork as originally released in the UK, and Magical Mystery Tour, which became part of The Beatles' core catalogue when the CDs were first released in 1987. In addition, the collections Past Masters Vol. I and II are now combined as one title, for a total of 14 titles over 16 discs. This will mark the first time that the first four Beatles albums will be available in stereo in their entirety on compact disc".

Great. This means that I'm going to have to buy The White Album again.

Negotiations to bring their catalog to digital downloading services such as iTunes and AmazonMP3 are still ongoing. I don't really care so much about that, though. I'll buy the CDs and rip them to my iPod. What we need is for the brain trusts over at EMI and Apple Corps to officially re-release the Hollywood Bowl concert along with The Kinfauns White Album Demos and The Complete Decca Auditions.

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