Sunday, March 22, 2009


I had planned to stop in a McDonald's this morning for a McMuffin and a coffee. Just as I was about to enter, I noticed a mouse trap prominently displayed by the entrance. Certainly, pest problems are an unfortunate reality of the restaurant industry, and the outside is clearly the first line of defense, but, did they have to put the trap so close to the door? Couldn't they have hidden it behind one of those bushes?

I'd rather not be reminded of what might potentially be lurking around the kitchen I am eating from.

The McMouse Trap at McDonald's
Click on the image for a closer look


  1. normal food and non-food business practice. get over it.

  2. While it may indeed be normal practice (which I acknowledged in the actual post), it runs contrary to the McDonald's corporate image. McDonald's would have us believe that it's a clean, safe, happy place for you and your family to eat. This sort of thing breaks that illusion in a way not unlike the guy playing Mickey Mouse in Disneyland taking off his head.

    And while I don't buy into the McDonald's illusion, I still don't want to be reminded of what may or may not be contaminating the restaurant that I might be eating at.