Friday, February 6, 2009

We're Back! Did You Miss Us?

Just when you thought it was safe to let your Net Nanny subsciption lapse, The Virtual Sink has returned to help suck up your valuable time and network capacity. It has been nearly five years since The Virtual Sink deleted itself from the Internet, and although the vast majority of that time has been spent armchair quarterbacking the state of pop culture in our socitey, part of that time was dedicated to formulating a new philosophy on the purpose of the Internet.

When I created my first web page back in 1993, it was little more than a tribute to The Lemonheads who had blown me away with their albums “It’s A Shame About Ray” and “Come On Feel The Lemonheads”. Flimsy as it may have been, it served a purpose: to display articles, pictures and media related to the band. Not long after the concept of copyright compelled me to kill the Lemonheads material, I re-engineered the site into something that would showcase my brother’s radio show, The Kitchen Sink. I wrote my own articles, published their newsletter, and hosted their audio clips. Their small group of fans were given a place to go to that would add to their enjoyment of the show. Again, a purpose was being served. For a number of years, I ran a website called The Virtual Sink which initially hosted streamed content from my Internet radio show. Once the show died, it became a daily pop-culture blog featuring my snarky comments on the Hollywood microcosm. I like to think that people came there to have a few laughs, stir up some discussion or otherwise add to their knowledge of something. Here again , a purpose was served.

I have spent the past year thinking about how I might re-establish my web presence. In my private life, I am what more forgiving people would call a techie. Most just refer to me as a computer-nerd. As such, I am often met with exasperated disbelif when I am asked to provide the url to my home page and all I can give them is a MySpace address. Although it has been a source of minor embarassment, I haven't thought much about it because the interest in TommyMac the person doesn't justify the personal and financial expense of creating and maintaing a site dedicated to it.

What I’m trying to get at here is that I don’t see the point of your average citizen having a home page on the web. It’s just another fly in the air tight jar of shit that we call the World Wide Web. What purpose would a revitalized Virtual Sink serve? Is The Virtual Sink simply a vehicle of expression of TommyMac's pontifications? If it is, then that vehicle has no wheels. The percentage of internet users searching for information about me is slightly lower than the percentage of the world’s population that actually knows me. Does anybody really need to know what my favorite color is (it’s blue)? Does anybody care that I’m fanatical about Dr. Pepper? Would it serve a purpose for anyone to know that the album “The Eight Legged Groove Machine” from The WonderStuff changed my life (for the better)? If you know me personally, you already know those kinds of things. If you don’t know me, it’s all extraneous. I don’t need to have a home page on the World Wide Web. I don’t really want to, either.

However, as an amateur videographer, writer, photographer and ex radio DJ, I create and have created content. This content can serve no purpose if it just sits on a CD or on an old hard drive some where. The content has to be experienced in order for there to be any chance of someone getting some enjoyment out of it. And it cannot be experienced if I don’t share it. And perhaps, in sharing old content and creating new content, I can encourage some likeminded former Sink staffers to join in fun. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m opening up the flood gates in the hopes that someone might come across it and have some kind of reaction. Love it, hate it, be indifferent to it and forget about it 30 seconds after you click off of it, it’s all going to be there for you to experience.

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