Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Rising From The Ashes

The phoenix has it easy. In order to rise up from the ashes, all it has to do is call on a little magic. Even Britney Spears has it easy. In order to make another comeback, she simply called up some producers and songwriters, threw some money at them, and warbled on command into a microphone. Perhaps the "on command" part took some modicum of effort, but she certainly didn't have to strain her brain in order to achieve her goal.

For The Virtual Sink, a more deliberate effort has been required in order to bring it back. First off, I had to decide on a design. I would normally defer design elements to former Virtual Sink co-host Ward. Ward handled the The Virutal Sink redesign back in 2003 and did an amazing job. Over the years, we had some brainstorms regarding a more minimalist design. They were more like brain farts, really. For the re-launch I wanted to go with something that exemplified that feeling I had when I first signed on to WXAV. Something a little darker. Something that made me want to wash my hands before returning to work.

Once the design was in place, I needed a staging area to put it in so that I could run some navigation and programmatic tests. I scoured Google for free web hosts and settled upon one. In the past, I had developed my own blogging engine based upon PHP and MySQL. Instead of re-creating that, I went with the easier option and tied the posts to Blogger. I still had to create a template version of the site in order submit posts within the site format.

There is still much to do. I'm currently looking at methods to create a photo gallery so that I can feature old pictures from both The Kitchen Sink and The Virtual Sink. In the meantime, I am evaluating a more permanent, paid web host and am trying to decide on a final domain name.

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