Saturday, February 21, 2009

iHave The Touch

I broke down and bought an iPod touch recently. I convinced myself that I was doing my patriotic duty by stimulating the economy and contributing to Steve Jobs' medical relief fund. The problem with buying the iPod is that the expense doesn't stop with the device itself. I haven't had this device for more than a few days and I have already spent a fair amount of money on accessories.

Among the things I have already doled out money for includes:

- A radio transmitter thingy so that I can listen to music in the car.

- A protective case

- A transparent screen thingy to prevent scratches.

I haven't spent any money on apps yet, but, suffice it to say, if Mr. Jobs ends up needing a liver transplant, it will be easily financed. I'm already dangerously close to paying for the full version of this iPod blogging tool I am currently using.

Shake those hands.

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